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Generally, if  we can get there in a long weekend or less, without having to sell something, it makes the list.  Beaches, Parks & Gardens, Highways & Byways, Historic Sites, Structural and Natural Wonders and Marvels, Restaurants, Hotels .... you name it.

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Go to an NFL game, watch a Bluegrass Concert 300' underground - in a cave, walk under waterfalls, feed giraffes. Be a plane-spotter, train rider, bridge walker, food critic.

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See what others have to share about the places they have been , what they saw, and what they think about travel, eat & drink, and meeting people from around the country.

Eat the Food;, Try the Recipe, and Share Your Own

A great place to experience everything from first-rate Southern BBQ to  Indian fare .  Links to great recipes, shows, and restaurants.

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